Nishchal Siddharth Pandey

Senior in B.Tech. C.S.E. at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, Prayagraj, India.
Interested in Data Structures, Algorithms and Mobile/Desktop App Development.

I like making things.

My Programming Skills

> Programming Languages known:
Java, C, C++, bash, JavaScript, Python.

> In software development:
Mobile App development using Java (Android) and Flutter (cross-platform), Blockchain, JavaFX, Java Swing. Exploring Machine Learning and NLP.

> In Competitive Programming:
CodeChef 2012 maximum rating. Handle: everydayhacker, 5 star profile.
CodeForces 1731 maximum rating. Handle: nisiddharth, expert (blue) profile.

Some of my creations

Blow The Garbage

Blow The Garbage

The Android app (made using Java) provides facility for residents to mark garbage places on a Map and upload a photo of it. The verified garbage points are shown to the cleaners, who can drive to pick them up. The image upload process also supports automatic verification using Machine Learning.

MNNIT Central

MNNIT Central

Android app (made using Java) made for welfare of MNNIT students it provides facility of getting a cab (e-rickshaw), feature of skipping mess food and get refund against it, provides information of all the events of the college and provides notification of all classes, clubs and events, and provides alarm for college classes according to student’s group’s.

Health Castle

A health centric Android app (made using Java). User can record meals and exercises, combined with step counter this helps to maintain calorie intake. Provides family group support, use of face capturing and emotions recognition using deep learning model to notify family members in case of problems such as continuous bad mood.


A Flutter app for developing a community of learners. Users can create communities, follow/unfollow communities, follow/unfollow users, create posts in communities, upvote, downvote and comment on them. The posts can be sorted by their weight, date or upvotes in personal feed. Uses can also showcase their discovery using the livestreaming feature. All packaged in a clean Material design UI with rich texts.


An Ethereum Blockchain based health industry solution focused on preventing the sale of unauthorized or counterfeit drugs while managing the health records and insurance details of all patients decentrally. The app can also help provide authorities possible blood donors in case of natural calamities. The app is in two parts, desktop based server side and Android app based used side application.

Blockchain Voting System

An Ethereum Blockchain based secure voting system with delegation support. Written in Java using Java Swing and web3j. Clean Interface for both Election Chairperson and Voters.